Friday, August 17, 2007

Computer security

Computer security is an application of information security to both theoretical and actual computer systems. For sake of simplicity, issues regarding privacy should be handled under the subject of information privacy rights. For the purpose of this article, Computer security is a branch of computer science that addresses enforcement of 'secure' behavior on the operation of computers. The definition of 'secure' varies by application, and is typically defined implicitly or explicity by a security policy that addresses confidentiality, integrity and availability (see CIA Triad) of electronic information that is processed by or stored on computer systems.

The traditional approach is to create a trusted security kernel that exploits special-purpose hardware mechanisms in the microprocessor to constrain the operating system and the application programs to conform to the security policy. These systems can isolate processes and data to specific domains and restrict access and privileges of users. This approach avoids trusting most of the operating system and applications.


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