Thursday, August 23, 2007

Windows Vista Parental Controls help ensure family safety on the Internet

Here are four steps you can follow to help protect your family online:
• Keep communication open--talk with your children about what they’re using the Internet for.
• Set clear rules for Internet use.
• Keep personal information private.
• Install and use family safety technology.

Windows Vista includes family safety technology that can help parents choose the online content and experiences that are appropriate for their families. (If your computer runs Windows XP, consider using Windows Live OneCare Family Safety.)
If you're a parent, you can use the Windows Vista Parental Controls to manage the following:
• What Web sites your children can view.
• What time of day and how much time your children can spend online.
• Which video games your children can play.
• Which programs your children can use.

You can also get reports about your children's online activity.

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