Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Fool's Day Warning, And Some Fun - Security Fix

April Fool's Day Warning, And Some Fun - Security Fix: "April Fool's Day Warning, And Some Fun

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The cyber criminal(s) behind the Storm worm want to make an April Fool out of you today.

The Storm worm author(s) likes to use holidays and other notable calendar occasions to launch new attacks. True to form, new versions of the Storm worm were blasted out yesterday as links in an e-mail that included a taunting image of an idiot in a fool's costume wearing a 'kick me' sign. Anyone foolish enough to follow the embedded directions telling recipients to 'click here, if your download doesn't start in 5 seconds,' will hand their PC over to the bad guys.


The security news on this first day of April isn't all hackers and viruses. In fact, you'd do well not to take anything you read online today too seriously. Below are a few of the more entertaining fake security news stories spotted so far today (hat tip to the SANS Internet Storm Center).

F-Secure: A new Trojan horse program that actually deposits money into your bank account.

Google: Introducing 'Gmail Custom Time.' Didn't send that presentation on time? No problemo! Now you can back-date your G-mail messages.

NASA: Giant Space Station Robot Turns on Crew (image)." [..]

Brian Krebs on Computer Security. The Washington Post Company.

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